NOMAS has a long history of collaborating with external investigators, including provision of data for individual analyses of NOMAS data, meta-analyses in which NOMAS data has been combined with data from other studies, and provision of data for inclusion in competitive grant proposals. We expect that external investigators will continue to request data from NOMAS.

Manuscript Proposal & Data Sharing Request Form

A data sharing request form is available on the website. The form requests basic information regarding the potential researcher, related institution, proposed hypothesis, objectives of the proposed data analysis, data requested, analysis plan, and funding availability. The form is available on the website as well as an update of the proposed projects, committee approvals, and various stages of the manuscript preparation.

  • Data and Publication Access Form [PDF]

Data/Resource Sharing

PlanData generated through this project will be shared according to the NIH Data Sharing Policy.

Currently, NOMAS shares data with the following ongoing multi-institutional collaborations/consortia:


Factors to be addressed in deciding how to respond to external scientific and data sharing requests include, but are not limited to, (1) scientific, public health, or medical importance of the data or analyses requested; (2) time and effort involved in fulfilling the requests; (3) availability of funding to fulfill request; (4) willingness and ability of the requesters to abide by constraints imposed by the Steering Committee on the uses that can be made of the data or analyses requested; (5) level of overlap with already stated aims of the current proposal. There should be an understanding of the way in which the data or analyses will be used before the request is filled. If the requested data or analyses are to be part of a publication, there will be an agreement as to how the Northern Manhattan Study will be acknowledged and the level of review authority retained by the Steering Committee over analyses and statements produced by the requesters. No information will be released that reveals the identity of individual patients. The Database Management Team will ultimately be responsible for preparing datasets and dictionaries for these additional projects. Funds for data manager time required to create these datasets for exportation will be solicited as deemed appropriate. On some occasions, analyses may also be performed by the NOMAS Statistical Analysis Team.

Data Sharing & Publication Policies

All users of the NOMAS data resources need to follow the publication procedures and policies listed under Publication and Data Use Policies. Click below to review each policy.

  • Publications Policy [PDF]
  • Data Sharing Policy [PDF]